Who is Mr. Paul Henry? Well!

Glad to see you on my blog. This is number one.

A little about me. I am a voice over actor. I have been for few years now. I started out in pursuit of an acting career because I am going to be in the movies and on television, telling great stories. You know, Acting! For some strange reason that is my passion. Still I don’t understand why but I got to see it through.

One day in acting class I got the idea to get into voice over too! It just happened. The idea just popped into my head out of no where. Well, being eager to try new things, I jumped full body into the deep end of voice over. I didn’t just dip my toe in the water, I plunged. I learned everything I could to get the ball rolling. I studied and practiced how to record, setup my recording studio in my basement, trained in voice over acting, signed up on the pay to play websites. I gazed at my future and it was bright. I was ready to make  some money and dazzle listeners with my voice over skills. Who would say no to me?

I didn’t book a thing. Man, this is harder than what I was told on the Internet. How can that be? There are so many people willing to take my money and tell me their secrets to success. Just follow their simple steps and well… Things didn’t jump out of the starting gate as fast as I hoped. I found out that getting this business going is work, actual work! If it were easy everyone would do it, right?  So here I am today still going. I didn’t fail I just found a bunch of ways that don’t work. I have learned and succeeded. Everyday is a new opportunity to win something. You just have to find the positive over the negative.

Welcome and I hope to see you again.

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