Get Rid of Your Defeated Attitude Make Positive Change in YOUR Career

by Paul Henry

Paul Henry asks you a simple question. Do you ever get down and feel like your working for nothing? I have and today it has and will stop! How? By not giving up. Well shoot, you say, that’s not advice that is not going to help me. Stop waisting my time! Well, the truth is, you need positive reenforcement daily. We have a choice everyday. You need to make the choice to your benefit. You know the choice you need to make.

Do you ever think that your doing all you can to get ahead but nothing seems to change? Well, I have found that I haven’t been doing all I have and searched for New ways to make my goals a reality. Well duh! Be honest with yourself and think about it. In my journey I have found that I get lazy and complacent. I admit it. I settle for my status quo and expect that to make a difference. But, I ventured out to find new answers and took the steps to put them into action. Even if they are scary!

Take time each day to find out where you are on your journey and be bold to make the changes.

I am Paul Henry actor. Find him on Voices123

Thank you and good day!

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